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JA Company Programme Online Registration Open!

Get your registration in early, we are now accepting online registration for the fall 2015 School Year.

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JA Cayman Islands Awards Ceremony Winners!

Sales Person of the Year- Kaihana Ross and Kiara McLaughlin

Most Promising Female Achiever of the Year- Giezis Carbajal-Mejia

Most Promising Male Achiever of the Year- Andre Jennings

Vice President of Human Resources Officer of the Year-Brittney Bodden

Product of the Year- ReStycle Sponsored by UBS

Vice President of Finance Officer of the Year- Bianca Meghoo

President of the Year- Jonathan Rankine and Beatriz Bueno-Dorea

Vice President of Marketing Officer of the Year- Ethan Watler and Brielle Watler

Vice President of Production Officer of the Year- Casseidy Davis-Quintero

Vice President of Public Relations Officer of the Year- Marika Scotland and Chanelle Scott

Company of the Year- Sokatra Sponsored by Dart

Rotary Presidential Award for Outstanding Service- Advisor Vumi Dube from CITCO


Bianca Meghoo

Chanelle Scott

Kiara McLaughlin

Jonathan Rankine

Ethan Watler

Rohanna Finch

Jada Ramoon

Aryana Grant

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JA Announces the first Entrepreuneru Forum Saturday Oct. 18th @ UCCI

For the first time JA Cayman is hosting a business conference for students, the JA Entrepreneur Forum.  This will be an exciting fun filled day for all the new JA students enrolled in the Company Programme for 2014-15 school year.  Leadership, Time Management, skills building exercises, The Importance of Social Media and much, much more!  In order to attend this conference students must register for the Company Programme by September 26th, 2014.  Registration can be obtained on the JA website, jacayman.ky under the programmes/company programme tab.

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JA Company Programme Registration is now Open!

Register on the JA site, jacayman.ky under programmes/company programme. Get your application in before the deadline, September 26, 2014

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Wednesday July 30th, 2014 the Annual General Meeting will be held at the Chamber of Commerce Offices in Governor’s Square.

All interested parties are welcome to attend.

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JA Awards Banquet


Marika Scotland, Kaitlin Lee Pack, Bianca Tibbetts, Nathanya Tibbetts, Jordan Grant, Finley McDougall, Scott Burley and Hasani Stewart have been chosen to go to the Next Generation Leaders conference in Ontario, Canada, in August.



More than 300 people gathered to applaud students honored for their leadership roles over the past year at the Junior Achievement Awards banquet at the Marriott last month.

Twelve awards were presented to students for their leadership roles in marketing, finance, human resources, production and sales.

Students were recognized for their efforts individually and as team players. Eight students were chosen to attend the Next Generation Leadership Conference, an international forum for top Junior Achievement students to mingle with experts from the business and academic field. This year the conference will be held at Trent University in Ontario, Canada, from Aug. 17 to 22.

Paul Byles, president of Junior Achievement, thanked the volunteers “and our corporate ambassadors, Maples, HSBC, Caledonian, the Cayman Island government, BDO, Rotary Central, the Chamber of Commerce and Dart.

“The tremendous success of this youth program would not have been possible without their efforts,” he said.

Mr. Byles also thanked parents for their support.

“I realize that as parents you may find it unusual that we would thank you for making the effort to support your children in a program such as this one. But in times like these when many parents seem to find it increasingly challenging to balance career and family commitments, you have continued to make it a priority to support your children in Junior Achievement, and that investment is long lasting,” he said.

Mr. Byles also congratulated students for their achievements throughout the year and encouraged them to share their positive experiences with their peers.

This year’s keynote speaker was Marzeta Bodden, a former Junior Achievement student, and an entrepreneur who founded Cayman Food Tours.

Students who were awarded include: Vanessa Burke of Corkology, President of the Year; Vice Presidents of the Year Althea Naomi Miller of Corkology for her marketing role, Michael Cummings of Corkology for his finance role, Marika Scotland of Sniff N’ Smile for her production role; Kman Kraft won Company of the Year; Mind Crafters won Product of the Year; Dejian Solomon of U Message won Most Promising Male Achiever; Alexandra Jennings of Namyac won Most Promising Female Achiever; and Joel Maxwell of U Message won the Pat Randall Award.



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Brac Achievers receive big win at annual awards banquet


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Junior Achievers honoured at gala

Governor Duncan Taylor, Pat Randall, Jason Foster (Pat Randall Award Recipient) and Paul Byles, President of Junior Achievement

David Kirkaldy, President of the Chamber of Commerce, with the Junior Achievement Company, Ready to Succeed (RTS), winners of the company and product of the year.

Some of Cayman’s brightest high school students who took part in the Junior Achievement programme have been honoured during a special anniversary version of their annual awards dinner recently held at the Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort.

About 350 people, including board members, Junior Achievement members and sponsors, attended to pay tribute to this year’s winners.

Paul Byles, president of Junior Achievement of the Cayman Islands, said that as the programme was celebrating its 20th anniversary, the evening was made even more special by having as the guest speaker a representative from Junior Achievement worldwide.

“This is the first time JA worldwide has been to Cayman,” he said. “So we were delighted to welcome Linda Rimer, president and CEO, Junior Achievement Americas and Asia Pacific, as a speaker at our awards ceremony.”

This year’s Young Caymanian Leadership Awards recipient, Garth Arch, was also a speaker.

Mr. Byles sais that as well as giving out a host of awards on the evening, a new award had been created this year dedicated to Pat Randall and it carries his name.

“Pat has been a board member of JA since its beginning 20 years ago,” he said. “He was also a past JA president for many years, so, after all those years of service to the organisation it was appropriate that an award should be given in his honour. This special award will be presented annually and went this year for the first time to Jason Foster from Cayman Brac.”

This year, the individual and team awards went to: President of the Year, Laila Shim; Vice President of Finance, Shanda Johnson; Vice President of Marketing, NorDania Stewart; Vice President of Production, Erin Powell and Kendra Ebanks; Vice President of Human Resources, Kimberly Young; Most Promising Male Achiever, Shannon Williams; Most Promising Female Achiever, Shanique Ayres; Product of the Year, Dart Ready to Succeed; Company of the Year, Dart Ready to Succeed; Sales Person of the Year, Danielle Connolly.

The Next Generation Leadership Awards are awarded to the top eight achievers after participating in an interview process and giving a presentation about the economy in the Cayman Islands. These awards were presented to Brooke Parchment, Jason Foster, Kendra Ebanks, Chester Frederick, Kimberly Young, Moses Ebanks, Erin Powell and Danielle Connolly. These eight students will travel to Nova Scotia in August to attend a week-long Junior Achievement Next Generation Leadership Conference.

For more information on Junior Achievement call 949-4306.

Caymanian Compass June 22, 2012


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Rotary Central continues solid support of Junior Achievement

The Rotary Club of Grand Cayman Central is this year proud to continue its long-standing encouragement for the Junior Achievement of the Cayman Islands programme in this, its twentieth year of steadfast support.

Fiona Moseley, Rotary Central President says that the Club is intrinsically linked to the Junior Achievement programme: “Rotary Central is the sole shareholder of the Junior Achievement programme, having committed our support to this vital initiative to develop Cayman’s young talent from the very beginning,” she says. “We are extremely happy to carry on this commitment this year and in the years to come.”

In addition, Rotary Central members make up half the Junior Achievement Board, with the remaining members comprised of other highly respected business people within the community.

“In this way we are not only able to support the programme in monetary terms, as we are the main financial contributors to the programme, but also in terms of guidance and leadership,” Ms. Moseley explains. “We at Rotary Central believe in Junior Achievement’s ability to expose young people to the business environment and give them a good platform from which to launch their own careers and therefore we wholeheartedly endorse the programme.”

Mr. Paul Byles, President of Junior Achievement, thanked the Club for their generosity over the years which, he says, has been at the backbone of the entire programme.

“Rotary Central has indeed played a central role in the success of the Junior Achievement programme because it has not wavered in its support financially and intellectually. Over the years Club members have ensured that our programme has helped hundreds of young people gain an insight into the business world. The programme really is an excellent way to prepare youngsters for the huge step from school into the corporate environment and Rotary Central has recognised this via its continuous and enthusiastic support,” he says.

Mr. Byles went on to say that the programme’s newly developed Corporate Ambassador programme which was launched last year is also geared up to retain continuity within the programme by having Corporate Ambassadors commit to donating $10,000 annually over a period of three years. Due to Rotary’s continued support, they have been recognized as one of the Corporate Ambassadors.


Photo  Caption: Rotary elect president, Ravi Kapoor presents check to JA Vice President, Pat Randall accompanied by JA Programme Director, Teresa Owen-Foster and other Rotary representatives active on the Junior Achievement board.

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Junior Achievement benefits from Chamber support

A major supporter of the Junior Achievement of the Cayman Islands programme, the Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce is happy to continue its help this year – its twentieth year of assistance in helping Cayman’s youth in making a successful transition from school to career and thereby reaching its full potential.

Joining with the Rotary Club of Grand Cayman Central as one of the programme’s most important sponsors, the Chamber of Commerce has lent its unwavering support to the programme by providing free-of-charge office space at their Governor’s Square offices for the programme’s administrator.

Chamber CEO Wil Pineau, CCE says that the Chamber recognises the value the programme has created for young people about to embark on a career within the business environment.

“JA is one of the most important youth development programmes operating in the Cayman Islands today. The various programmes help to provide our youth with invaluable skills that will lead to their success in the workplace. They learn teamwork, business ethics, money management, leadership, business planning, marketing, public relations and sales and marketing. Hundreds of Chamber volunteers in numerous sponsoring businesses over the past 20 years have assisted the students to learn behaviours and best practices that will lead to their success in the workplace and in life. In fact, many students have taken on leadership roles in our community and many of them proudly cite their experience in JA as being an instrumental experience on their road to success and achievement. The Chamber Council, members and staff are proud to be partners with Rotary Central for this outstanding youth development programme.”

Mr. Paul Byles, President of Junior Achievement, says this vital support that the programme has received from the Chamber over the years means that young people can align themselves with Cayman’s corporate environment from the very start of their time in the programme.

“The Chamber’s involvement with the Junior Achievement programme has meant that young people are able to appreciate how businesses operate in Cayman,” he says. “Although schooling can go a long way to prepare a young person for their career path, there really is no substitute for hands-on experience and so we are truly grateful to the Chamber for assisting the programme in this way.”

To ensure the continued success of the Junior Achievement programme, a newly developed Corporate Ambassador programme was launched last year. Due to the Chamber’s continued support, they have been recognized as one of the Corporate Ambassadors. Each Ambassador commits to donating $10,000 annually over a period of three years, which provides a steady stream of funds for the foreseeable future.

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